REDI Renters

So, some years ago, I found myself looking for a rental in the Tucson, Arizona area. I don't recall what year it was, but I do recall wincing, pulling out my wallet and ponying up $45 in cash and hoping I hadn't just dumped it down the toilet. Were these misgivings ever wrong!

Yes, Real Estate Direct costs, and the now-$60 fee is a little daunting to many. But, they do something most other agencies don't do, or at least don't do well: they work tirelessly to match the right renters to the right properties. One can log on to their site at any time and get listings of properties that match exhaustive search criteria and they tend to have the most 'bang-for-the-buck' properties out there.

So, take it from a disabled Navy veteran without a lot of cash to spend. That $60 is one fee I can pay without worries, because I know that Real Estate Direct will go the distance to help me rent happily. Give it a try!

- Samantha N.

REDI Renters

Just wanted to say thanks. After weeks of unsuccessful searching for a house to rent, I signed up with you and found exactly what I wanted in under a week. Thanks trillions. :) You will be recommended by me often.

- Alan Fullmer , Tenant

REDI Renters

This is an excellent resource for both tenant and landlord.  Very good exposure and that’s what I really like.  Courteous staff and prompt results.  Took me only 1 day to find my wonderful tenant.  A very happy result for all of us.  I definitely will be using REDI Rentals again.

- Julie Gewehr , Landlord/Owner

REDI Landlords

Have to write about my experience with your employee, Skyler, from the Tucson office. Every step of the way, she's been so helpful, cheerful, and prompt. While I am so grateful for the company and the service it offers, I rented to a coworker, I feel my work with your company kept me focused, hopeful of finding a tenant, and now successful. I will remember this for the future as I have other homes

- Connie I. , Landlord/Owner

REDI Landlords

To Whom It May Concern,
I want to acknowledge the excellent service and results I received when working with REDI. The staff is very professional and helpful.  They are always willing to help no matter what the issue. REDI is a win/win for tenants and landlords and I recommend them for either party.

- Lee , Tucson, AZ

REDI Landlords

We have had many tenant referrals thru REDI Rentals and feel their service to be extremely valuable!  A good choice for any private owner or property management firm.


REDI Landlords

Del Oro Realty has been sending our available rentals to REDI Rentals for quite some time.  We do get calls generated by their website.  We are very happy with them and will continue to send our rentals to them.

- Del Oro Realty

REDI Landlords

We get many, many calls from our ads placed with Real Estate Direct.  It is a huge benefit to us as property managers!

- Melinda Louise Real Estate