• Why should I use your service?
    We are Arizona's One -stop- shop for all your Real Estate Needs!
    Rental Locating, Property Management & Real Estate.
    Our Rental locating service offers the largest selection of available rentals in Arizona listed on our website. We are free to all owners and landlords to list and advertise their properties, which allows us to carry more then other websites.
    Customize your account now to match to 100's of available properties!
    Guaranteed NO scams, quality controlled listings, notifications of any new listings within your account requirements, all properties are listed on one website instead of 20+, in office agents to help you.
    We make finding a home so much more efficient and convenient. Call or sign up TODAY!
  • How much does it cost?
    There is a one time fee of $60 to use the service.
  • Is the fee refundable?
    The fee in non refundable since you are paying for our service to help you find a rental. We take in new properties everyday and have the best selection to choose from, so you have the best opportunity to find a rental through our service. Many of our clients are repeat customers, and continue to use our service whenever they move.
  • How long does the service last?
    The service is good for 3 months. (Service is renewable if you are still at the same address after 3 months, some restrictions apply.)
  • I'm a student, how early can I start looking?
    Some students start as early as January for the fall semester, however, you may need to talk to the landlord regarding how long they will hold the property, or if they will take a reservation. We get new listings everyday, so we have availability even if you don't start looking until August. Although for the largest selection, its best to start early.
  • How often do you get new properties?
    We take in new listings everyday, you can have access to the new properties as we get them so you can grab the great deal you looking for!
  • Is the information updated?
    Yes, we verify each and every property 2 times per week. We understand how frustrating it would be to look through a list of rented properties. If the landlords does not verify with us the property is automatically removed. Our office is fully staffed to take on this task to provide you accurate, updated information.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business for 30+ years! We are members of Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • I don't have a credit card, can I still register?
    Yes! You can come in any time and register in person with cash. We are here to help you!
  • Where are you located? What are your hours?
    We are located in Tucson : 520-623-5710 or if you are in Phoenix please call 602-515-0002.
    Address: 3400 E Speedway Blvd Suite 108, Tucson, AZ 85716.
    We are here Monday- Friday 8am- 6pm.
  • How do I contact you?
    You can call us at 520-623-5710, or email us: info@azredirentals.com